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Complete 1/2" Air Ride Suspension Kits
91-96 Caprice / Impala SS
Complete 1/2
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Price: $1399.00 & Up

Street Trends has been installing complete air ride suspensions for the 91-96 Caprice & 94-96 Impala SS since 1997. Over the years we have upgraded and refined our custom air ride suspensions to be the best on the market. Our complete kits come with everything needed for your B-body. Custom brackets, correct-sized air bellows, electric ˝” valves, heavy duty compressors, water traps, tanks, gauges, digital height controllers…basically everything you need to dramatically lower and raise your custom car. The normal installation will lower the average Caprice, Impala, Roadmaster & DeVille more than 4” in the front and about 4” in the rear without any fabrication. To go lower you would need to remove the fender wells in front and install a c-notch for the rear. In addition, your car will raise up about 2” higher than stock. If you are looking to lay the car on the frame, the 2-way kits control the front and back while the 4-way controls front, back & side-to-side motions. Extra tanks and heavy duty compressors can be added to either kit for more air supply. Each kit includes front & rear air bags, front & rear cups/brackets, fittings, solenoids, air line, water trap, pressure switch, dual needle gauge, rocker switch controller & relay, wiring kit, tank and compressor.

Kit options:
Base kit: 2-way front & back w/1 Viair 380 compressor & 1 5-gallon tank
Premium kit: 2-way front & back w/2 Viair 380 compressors & 2 5-gallon tanks
Deluxe kit: 4-way front & back & side-to-side w/2 Viair 380 compressors & 2 5-gallon tanks